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NOTE: We request that all photos should be in the following format and size: JPG, GIF or PNG and less than 5MB.


If you have large numbers of photos they can also be mailed – just print out the PDF sightings form *, fill it out and send with a disc of photos to the address below. If you have video footage that you would like to contribute please send an email to eastcoastwhales@scu.edu.au and we can discuss methods for submission.

Peta Beeman
Marine Ecology Research Centre
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157
Lismore NSW 2480

Please note that by contributing images to the East Coast Whale Watch Catalogue (ECWWC) you are granting permission to Southern Cross University to use the photos and data for research purposes only. This may include use of the photos and information on the ECWWC website. Copyright of the photos remains with the contributor and all contributors will be acknowledged.

Updated: 18 June 2014

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